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Economy a ‘miracle’ despite Trump and Brexit threat, says Central Bank

The Central Bank has revised up its growth forecasts on the back of strong domestic demand despite citing the twin threats of Brexit and the potential economic policies of US President Donald Trump. Read more

Publican Gleeson wins court fight to block his dismissal

High-profile publican Frank Gleeson has secured a temporary High Court injunction preventing the company he is CEO of from taking steps to dismiss him. Read more

IDA chief: ‘Housing crisis isn’t hurting our Brexit bid’

The impact of the housing crisis on the drive to attract foreign direct investment into Ireland and into Dublin, particularly in the wake of Brexit, is the subject of increasing concern among developers involved in the delivery of new office space. Read more

We are on road to ruin unless we increase infrastructure investment without delay

Ireland is going to change dramatically over the next 10 to 15 years and we are not preparing for it properly. I am not talking about Brexit or the future of the single currency. Neither am I talking about the impact Donald Trump’s US presidency might have on corporations and how they are taxed. Read more

Standard Life considering Ireland as possible EU base

Standard Life is considering increasing the size of its Dublin operation as a result of Brexit. Read more

Citadel moves to expand in prime Dublin location

The largest equity trader in the United States, Citadel Securities, is to grow its Dublin operation over the next two years. Read more

Advisers to snap up €10.5m in Bank of Ireland fees

Advisers to Bank of Ireland’s corporate overhaul – a largely technical move – stand to make close to €10.5m in fees. Read more

Ireland faces scrutiny from Trump’s US over $36bn surplus

Ireland’s economic model is set to come under unprecedented scrutiny after the Trump administration launched an investigation into its trade relations with “partners” around the world. Read more

Fears for Irish exporters as UK construction slows

A slowdown in the growth of UK construction activity has added to fears that the country’s economy may be starting to cool. Read more

State may take lower price to get top investors to buy into AIB

The Government is considering roping in a handful of blue-chip investors to anchor AIB’s shareholder base when it sells €3bn of shares in the bank this summer. Read more