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THE Dublin Airport Authority (DAA) has decided not to go ahead with a €3m re-branding exercise, Transport Minister Leo Varadkar has said.

Dr Varadkar said consumer research amongst passengers and business customers showed that most did not want a rebranding. The name DAA excludes Cork Airport, which is also under the authority’s control.

“The response to a proposed name change was firmly negative and considered to be unnecessary, unwarranted, a waste of money and potentially damaging to the reputations of the Dublin Airport Authority and Government,” Dr Varadkar said.

“It was decided, therefore, not to engage in an expensive rebranding exercise and to use instead the existing acronym, DAA, in lower case.”

The original cost of changing the name from Aer Rianta to the Dublin Airport Authority was €4m.

“The Dublin Airport Authority, DAA, was a misnomer from the day the new body was established,” Mr Varadkar added.

“It was given this name because it was intended at the time to separate Shannon Airport and Cork Airport almost immediately and sell off Aer Rianta International, ARI, the retail element which consists of shops, duty-free operations and other activities in which ARI engages around the world.”

On the future of Cork Airport, Dr Varadkar said the new legislation provided a mechanism for Cork Airport to become independent.

He added, however, that if Cork Airport secured its independence now, the airport “would immediately” be loss-making. Unlike Shannon Airport, Cork Airport’s operating costs substantially exceed its revenues,” he said.

“We need more people to visit Cork. Unfortunately, it is largely an outbound airport.”

Cork is the second biggest airport in the State in terms of passenger numbers.

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