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Domino’s Pizza tapping in Euro 2016 takeaway market with creation of 600 jobs here

DOMINO’S Pizza is tapping into the Euro 2016 and Olympics markets with the creation of 600 jobs in Ireland and 10,000 roles in run-up to games.

It is also creating 400 jobs in Northern Ireland with the majority of the roles being created across the UK in anticipation of a run on pizza orders from those watching the games on the box at home.
The fast food chain expects 160 pizzas to be ordered every minute of every day during the tournament.

Pizzas sold during the tournament are expected to stretch the equivalent of more than 12,000 miles or more than 200,000 football pitches.
More than 50 million slices of pizza are expected to be eaten.

Over 5,000 Domino’s Pizza makers will create the pizzas.
More than seven million pizzas will be made for people watching Euro 2016.

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